Our Story

Deutz Auctions was founded by Ted Deutz in 1956 in Marshall, Mn. While growing up on a farm and learning the auctioneering trade at local sale barns, Ted established the company with a solid understanding of how to get things sold.  

Throughout the years, Ted reared his sons into the business and today Tim, Chuck, and Bob continue the business that's lasted over 62 years. Ted has since passed away in 2015 and has left a true legacy on the farming community in Southwest Minnesota. 


Today, we continue to provide our customers with the best auction service you can get. Having conducted over 5,000 auctions, Deutz Auctioneers are regional leaders in real estate and farm equipment auctions. We're dedicated to our work and strive to get our customers and their best dollar!


Thanks for visiting our website, we hope to see you at our next auction. Contact us if you're considering having an auction, Thank you! 


- Deutz Auctioneers 

How Auctions Work
  1. Multi-Tract divisions of land are determined. 

  2. FSA and farm program information is obtained.

  3. Publish marketing and advertising.           

  4. The transaction is conducted publicly at the auction. With a publicly attended auction, all buyers are participating with the same terms and conditions as their competition. Everyone plays with the same rules on the same day, eliminating any suspicion among potential buyers.

Consider an Auction

Upward Pricing- Price is negotiated up by competitive bidding, not down by offers and counter offers.  

More Buyers- Auctions allow all qualified buyers a chance to own the property, which creates competition among buyers. The terms of the auction qualify the buyer.


No Negotiations- Seller sets the terms of sale in advance. There are no contingencies of sale.


True Market Value- Auctions find the true value of a property.


Fast Results- Auctions set a specific date for the sale and closing.  Seller can receive their money within 30 to 40 days from the auction dates.