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MONDAY, AUGUST 24 at 5:00 P.M.

Building site and Personal Property Auction



470-Acre Land Auction



197-Acre Land Auction



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Our Story


Over the years, Deutz Auctions has organized and conducted virtually every type of auction: antiques, estates, real estate, collectibles, business liquidations, farm machinery, and everything in between. This diversity has produced a wealth of knowledge not found in any book, but a knowledge that can only be acquired through experience.



 Our agents and auctioneers have many years of experience with farms as well as extensive knowledge of this very intricate industry. From residential and commercial, to farmland and 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges, Deutz Auctions can help you market your property from start to finish.



How Auctions Work

  • Multi-Tract divisions of land are determined
  • FSA and farm program information obtained
  • We provide property signs, newspapers, and periodicals.
  • Publicly conducted transactions (With a publicly attended auction all buyers are participating with the same terms and conditions as their competition. Everyone plays with the same rules on the same day, eliminating any suspicion among potential buyers.



Why Hire Us?

  • Commitment to Service
  • High Standard of Professionalism
  • Belief that 90% of an Auction takes place before the sale ever begins
  • Market Experience
  • Market Knowledge



Why hold an auction? 

Let us help you out with the benefits....


  • MORE BUYERS - Auctions allow all qualified buyers a chance to own the property. The terms of the auction qualify the buyer.
  • Creates competition among buyers
  • UPWARD PRICING - Price is negotiated up by competitive bidding, not down by offers and counter offers.
  • NO NEGOTIATIONS - Seller sets the terms of sale in advance.
  • There are no contingencies of sale.
  • MAXIMUM EXPOSTURE - Specific advertising.
  • Deutz Auctions directs all advertising for your asset.
  • Ensures an aggressive marketing program to increase interest, visibility, and exposure of the property
  • TRUE MARKET VALUE - Auctions find the true value of a property.
  • Deutz Auctions has successfully sold multi-millions of dollars or properties in the tri-state area.
  • FASTER RESULTS - Auctions set a specific date for the sale and closing.
  • Deutz Auctions has a closing percentage of over 99%
  • Seller can receive their money within 30 to 40 days from the auction dates.
  • Deutz Auctions furnishes all office personnel and auction assistants to handle your assets correctly and effectively.